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A training programme designed to assist general counsels and businesses in training their in-house teams. This programme can also be availed for your sales teams.
This programme has been curated to help a business do the following:

  • Improve its legal team's turn-around time

  • Timely closure of commercial contracts

  • Contribute to the growth of the business

  • Build long-lasting business relationships

Under this programme, we dive into our key insights on:

  • Drafting contracts

  • Common mistakes made while marking up and negotiating contracts - how can these be avoided?

  • Demystifying legal concepts such as indemnification clauses, limitation of liability, damages and other highly debated contractual clauses

  • Arbitration vs. Courts - which is better and why?

  • Jurisdiction and Governing Law - which to choose and when?

  • Singapore International Arbitration Centre Vs. Singapore International Commercial Court

  • Landmark Judgments interpreting commercial contract clauses

  • Other important legal aspects

Programme schedule:

  • 2 days on-site/online workshop

  • Followed by an online 1 hour AMA (Ask me Anything) every Friday for the next 30 days

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